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SC is a collection of radio stations using the audio from films as its source.

S:C scrapes films from the internet archive based on genre metadata, the audio is then separated from these films and streamed as "film on radio".

There are separate streams for each genre, Film Noir, Horror, SciFi, Comedy etc. There are also the "genrescape" channels which are a constantly changing live montage of multiple films audio tracks. The soundingcinema.net meta-channel does scheduled shifts between the different genrescapes and film channels of the course over the course of the day.

soundingcinema.net is dedicated to remixing creative commons and public domain material and does so through the sole use of free and open source software tools.

soundingcinema.net exploits the latest tools and standards in the world of FLOSS audio streaming. The streams are assembled and encoded using the stream scripting language Liquidsoap and are distributed via its own Icecast Server. soundingcinema.net streams in open codecs including multichannel Vorbis and now also streaming using the new Opus codec.

web: http://soundingcinema.net | stream server: http://soundingcinema.net:8800


4 people : 1 mixer : >4,000 films - remixing live over multichannel speaker array.
contact: rc-lists@kiben.net